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 I could spend a whole day boasting about RE/MAX and all that my company has given me; stability, confidence, success, and  a drive to accomplish goals I never imagined for myself. 

When I was still in college taking real estate courses, I worked as an assistant for my professor who was also a broker. One afternoon Gilbert Quinones came by to visit with my boss. I sat quietly behind my desk taking in everything he was saying about this new brokerage he was starting. He had an ora about him that was captivating as he went on about all the advantages of RE/MAX. Just a couple weeks later my husband and I were having lunch when I noticed Gilbert and Susan sitting a few booths away. After just receiving my license, I was overflowing with ambition and I told my husband, "When I grow up, I want to be like Gilbert and Susan". 

Shortly after, I began working as a licensed assistant for another agent who I followed to RE/MAX Platinum in 2004. I had never spoken to Gilbert or Susan personally, but upon arrival that first day, they welcomed me as if they'd known me all along. They have a love for what they do that is indescribable and being around them truly brings out an excitement in their agents. At the lowest points, they are there putting ideas in place and offering advice, keeping their agents focused on achieving greatness. 

I continue to call RE/MAX my home because it is here that I have seen what I can accomplish with the support of an outstanding broker, office staff, and some of RE/MAX most recognized agents. There something in the air here that you have to be a part of to believe. 


Tiffany Icmat


 I chose RE/MAX because of their unequalled market presence and reputation.  I chose RE/MAX Platinum because of the commitment of my broker, Gilbert Quinones.  First, Gilbert is committed to technology and in today's real estate market technology is the name of the game.  With the dramatic growth in recent years of internet business it is critical that any real estate office stay AHEAD of the game.  That has always been the vision of RE/MAX and Gilbert puts it into action at RE/MAX Platinum.  His vision for a tech savvy environment allows realtors in this firm to provide exceptional service to our clients.  Second, Gilbert is interested in how you are developing your real estate business and open with information and ideas for success.  Also, he has been very supportive and generous with training which I have really appreciated in my first year as a licensed real estate agent.  Gilbert Quinones is a very good motivator in a relaxed way which is what I like best about this office.

Mary Beth Davis


RE/MAX Platinum  





The first thing I noticed shortly after joining RE/MAX Platinum in the fall of 2004 was so impressive I have to share it.  It was feedback I received from buyer's and seller's telling me that they perceive a RE/MAX agent as being ten times more qualified and capable of handling their needs.  RE/MAX's market leading and effective branding over many years has given the general public a much higher opinion of a RE/MAX agent's professional capabilities to get the job done.  
Why is this important?  Simple, Fort Hood agents work in one of the most internet advanced and competitive markets I've seen.  My prior experience with a major franchise in an upscale resort/retirement market (where this advanced marketing medium wasn't practiced) did not prepare me for what was necessary to be competitve in the Fort Hood marketplace.  I utilized the RE/MAX branding as a base of power to offer my clients while our broker and his wife, Gilbert and Susan Quinones, helped to get me up to speed on the tools and tactics necessary to attract customers in a market where our clients come from all over the world, and that their are 700+ other agents competing for their business.
No brand in the Real Estate industry is as powerful as the RE/MAX balloon in gaining folks attention that we are masters at what we do for them.  The tools, support, lead generation, and educational opportunities that RE/MAX offers to us as a part of this incredible organization are unparalleled.
Rob Green ABR, CNHS, RCC
RE/MAX Platinum Real Estate
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